The SUV of the sky from your local airport to your destination

We don’t need large airports, rather we can pick you up where you are and take you all the way to your destination. Like riding in a luxury class SUV, the Diamond’s stylish cabin offers superior comfort.

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Diamond DA62: The SUV of the sky from your local airport to your destination

When we acquired the Diamond DA62 aircraft, we had only one question in mind: what kind of aircraft do our customers want to fly in? We decided that nothing is too good. That’s why we have equipped our Diamond with the most stylish interior and a comprehensive communications system. We want to ensure that you don’t miss anything important during your flight.

Your comfort is the most important thing

Climbing into the Diamond DA62 is a bit like getting into a top-class car. You have to climb a few more steps, but the luxurious leather seats, adequate leg room and easy-to-use lap sash seat belts make the trip really comfortable.

Nowadays, reachability is a natural part of our lives, and on a business trip the importance of communication becomes even more apparent. The use of mobile phones while flying is awkward and sometimes even impossible, so we have equipped our plane with top-class communications devices that enable smooth communication between the air and the ground and vice versa. On our flights you have an Iridium satellite phone at your disposal for calling, sending sms messages and emails.

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An unbeatable flight in the Baltic Sea area

In Finland, the train is often an environmentally friendly choice for traveling from one city center to another. However, when you need to cross the sea or you need to connect from your own flight to a scheduled flight from a large airport, an easily operated private jet offers the speed and flexibility for your trip that other modes of travel simply cannot provide.

Our Diamond DA62 is at its best in the Baltic Sea area. We can fly direct from close to your home to the aviation hubs of big cities or remote airfields in a couple of hours. We don’t waste your time with transfers and waiting, that’s why you can make it, for example, from your home in Jyväskylä to a meeting in the center of Stockholm in under three hours.

Efficiently and sustainably

When we began, it was clear to us that we want to fly quickly and reliably, but above all else also sustainably. We love aviation and we know just how great flying is. That’s why we want to fly in a way that keeps the environment clean for future generations of aviators.

The Austrian-made Diamond DA62 is the most efficient twin-engined aircraft in the world. For example, a flight from Helsinki to Kittilä uses the same amount of fuel as two Mercedes B-series diesel cars, whose emissions can be directly compared to the carbon footprint of the DA62 flight. On short-haul flights of less than 1500 km, the CO2 emissions of X-Flite passengers are more than 80% less than passengers on a scheduled flight. Furthermore, we compensate all our Diamond emissions 110% via the Finnish Reforest service.

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Safely to your destination no matter the weather

The Diamond DA62 is bigger than its size. A small plane often conjures up an image of a cramped and squeaky plane that wobbles its way into the air. Those exist, of course, but we don’t fly them. On the contrary, our Diamond DA62 is a complete performance aircraft that combines the ease of control of a small aircraft with the performance and reliability of a bigger aircraft.

Our plane is equipped with all the familiar avionics of modern passenger jets. Our plane has the same safety features and comfort as most new jet aircraft, such as a weather radar, air conditioning, and a satellite phone. The DA62 is stable and capable of flying in all Nordic weather conditions. With our experienced captain at the controls we can fly, take off, and land safely at any time of the year and at any time of day. The DA62 will take you on your trip and bring you home safely again.

Get in touch
and come and see your own plane

It is a matter of honor for us to do everything possible so that your flight in our Diamond DA62 plane is comfortable, flexible and safe. It is our promise to you, but we understand that even the best promises have to be seen to be real, especially when the first step towards owning your own plane is at stake. When you realize that you need to travel flexibly, we hope you get in touch with us. We will be happy to tell you more about our company, our business model, and our aircraft face to face. After that, we can go and try out your own plane.

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Near or far. We take you there, whenever it suits you

Our fractional ownership model provides our shareholders with the benefits of private aviation at affordable prices in the Baltic Sea area. When you have to fly further or you have a larger group  of people, we find the best charter planes on the market at the best price for you. Your  destination is up to you. We will help you.