We find the best charter plane for you

Our X-Flite Private Jets service finds the best private jet at the best price for your needs and takes care of everything you need for your trip.

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Don’t worry which plane is best. It’s our job to know that for you.

As aviation experts, at X-Flite we know what different planes are capable of. We select the best plane for your needs via our extensive partner network and booking system. We select the most stylish and best equipped available plane. We can select from all available private jets to get our customers charter flights at an affordable price.

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We serve globally.

Choosing the right plane for you

When you need a private jet for a long trip or a big plane for your group, our X-Flite Private Jets service will help you. Thanks to our expertise in aviation and our extensive partner network we can find the best aircraft for your trip, or even a few different options, if necessary. Our tailored charter service exists for one very good reason: we want to provide our customers with the best aircraft at an affordable price.

Affordable booking from a wide selection

Our X-Flite Private Jets service offers you our expertise based on our extensive experience in private aviation. We don’t just broker charter flights, rather we use our own and our partner’s aircraft so in every instance we can consider the best options for your needs. We can provide you with a private jet suited specifically to your needs at a significantly more affordable price than you would get by contacting private jet companies yourself. We have a network of hundreds of companies and a booking system that allows us to get the best plane for you at the best price.

Arrive at the airport and enjoy

The less you have to do the better. All our customers have to do is provide us with their destination, amount of passengers, and travel dates, our X-Flite Private Jets service does the rest. We take care of the crew, catering, and route and fueling plans. In other words, we take care of everything related to booking and operating the aircraft. All you have to do is arrive at the agreed place and enjoy your flight in your own plane.

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With our charter flights, you pay for quality, never for useless

Most unnecessary expenses in flying private jets are due to over-estimating the type of aircraft needed. As experts in aviation, we understand private jets and we know which plane is best suited to your needs. The charter planes we use are usually compact in size, but luxuriously equipped business aircraft that can fly safely in various weather conditions. For example, the economical Honda Jet Elite nicely carries a group of four all the way to Italy for a vacation, whereas a Boeing 737 can carry a large group to a corporate party in London.

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We choose the best of the best for you

We don’t stop working as soon as we find the perfect plane for you. In fact, that’s when our expertise comes into its own. We want to understand our customers’ needs and their style so that we can provide you with not only the most suitable aircraft but also the most stylishly equipped plane available. You see, we believe that by offering you only the best on your business trip, we can support you or your company to be the best. We hope you enjoy your flights with us.

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X-Flite: when you have to fulfill your dream of your own plane

At X-Flite, we have always loved aviation and especially the feeling of sitting in your very own plane. We understand that sometimes you simply need to have your own plane. We also understand that searching for a suitable plane and service provider is time consuming work. We are happy to offer you our expertise when you need your own plane.

We work in collaboration with the selected aircraft manufactures, so you can acquire a plane directly via us. We can also tailor your plane to your operating and maintenance specifications. If you want to make the best profit on your plane, you can let us rent it out for you when you do not need it. You decide how much of our services you want to use. We want to help you make your aviation dreams come true.

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Near or far. We take you there, whenever it suits you

Our fractional ownership model provides our shareholders with the benefits of private aviation at affordable prices in the Baltic Sea area. When you have to fly further or you have a larger group  of people, we find the best charter planes on the market at the best price for you. Your  destination is up to you. We will help you.