Fly where you want.
When you want.
On your own plane.

X-Flite’s founding shareholder, Joonas Koskela, welcomes you on board. With us you will enjoy not only your own private plane, but also the freedom of a charter flight experience tailored specifically to your needs, sustainably and economically.

X-Flite’s founding shareholder, Joonas Koskela, welcomes you on board. With us you will enjoy not only your own private plane, but also the freedom of a charter flight experience tailored specifically to your needs, sustainably and economically.

Fractional ownership combines both the freedom and economy of your own plane

X-Flite’s operating model is based on fractional ownership of the aircraft. We divide the costs, but we can also enjoy the freedom to travel that a private plane brings. We sell shares for one aircraft at a time so that we can guarantee our fractional owners the use of the plane.

When you join the X-Flite family, the shares are redeemed at the B-share price on top of which you pay the monthly fees and the costs of operating individual flights. Shares can be sold on, but the company reserves the right of first refusal. Our aircraft retain their value and are completely insured. Welcome to X-Flite ownership.

Fly when you want

As a fractional owner, you will have 84 flight hours per year at your disposal, and you can make two reservations at a time. On the day of your flight, you will have the use of the plane and your own experienced captain who will take off according to your schedule.

Own what you need

Aircraft are investments worth millions of euros. When the procurement and maintenance costs are shared, you can get the benefits of your own plane at a reasonable price.

Privately and economically

We want future generations to also enjoy flying. We fly the Diamond DA62, the most efficient piston-engined aircraft in its class, whose emissions are only a fraction of the carbon footprint of a passenger jet. We compensate for all our emissions.

©Diamond Aircraft

Take the SUV of the sky direct to your destination

The Diamond DA62 has been called the SUV of the sky. The comparison is accurate. The stylish leather-lined cabin makes traveling luxurious. The twin-engined DA62 can fly 1500 km without refueling, and can also operate from short runways thanks to its compact size.

©Honda Aircraft Company

X-Flite Private Jets: The sky's the limit

If you need to fly further, you want to fly a bigger group for your birthday, or take your own motorbike on your vacation, we can help you. With our X-Flite Private Jets service, we can get precisely the type of private jet you need via our network. We can get luxurious private jets at competitive prices and we take care of all the arrangements for you. All we ask is that you get in contact with us and arrive in time for your flight.

You decide where you spend your time

A meeting in Oslo or a fishing trip on the River Teno? As a fractional owner, you won’t spend your time on long drives to the airport or waiting around. We leave according to your timetable meaning that the total traveling time is often significantly shorter than with scheduled flights. With us you decide what you do with your time.

If your destination has an airport, X-Flite will get you there. We need just 800 meters of runway to get airborne. We can fly to well-known international airports, but more often than not we can take you directly from your local area to even the most remote small airfields. We can fly the Diamond DA62 to thousands of airports throughout Europe without refueling, and via our charter network, to the rest of the world. What’s more, you don’t have to rush to your flight. Your captain and plane are at your service.

X-Flite was created from a dream and the necessities of business life

Dreaming of buying your own airplane is not uncommon. However, a 20-year-old deciding to fulfill his own dream and buy a plane is. But that is the kind of guy X-Flite founder, Joona Koskela, is. A young man in whom determination and friendliness combine with the ability to envision what does not yet exist. When Joona had bought his first plane in 2007, the next thing to do was to create a company where others could also enjoy the benefits of flying private jets.

Alongside Joona at X-Flite Ltd. are a group of Finnish businessmen who needed a more flexible and cheaper way to travel than scheduled flights. We have learned to use remote connections, but in important issues nothing beats face to face. Our mission is to offer a safe way to travel smoothly to the right place thus helping our shareholders to fulfill their own dreams.

“For me, flying has always been my biggest dream. At X-Flite, we want to show that private flying can be sensibly priced and sustainable. We want to make sure that the visionaries of future generations also have a planet where they can fulfill their own dreams.”

- Joona Koskela, Co-Founder X-Flite Ltd.

Call once, we’ll take care of the rest

At X-Flite, we help you to reach your destination on your own plane with greater ease. Get in touch and we will introduce you to our services and aircraft together.

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Near or far. We take you there, whenever it suits you

Our fractional ownership model provides our shareholders with the benefits of private aviation at affordable prices in the Baltic Sea area. When you have to fly further or you have a larger group  of people, we find the best charter planes on the market at the best price for you. Your  destination is up to you. We will help you.