Fractional Ownership

The freedom of a private jet at an affordable price

We operate our Diamond DA62 private jet with a fractional ownership model that combines many benefits. Our fractional owners share the maintenance costs which enables them to enjoy the benefits of a private jet cost efficiently and sustainably.

You decide where you spend your time

As a fractional owner, you fly according to your own schedule. When flying within Europe, most of your time goes on traveling to the major airport and waiting around. At X-Flite, our plane and captain are ready to take off five minutes after you arrive at the airport.

We take you from your local airport straight to your destination whether you are flying to the big cities around the Baltic Sea or small airfields further out. That’s why our total travel time is significantly shorter than scheduled flights. As a fractional owner you can also order first class land transport via us.

Flights are always available

Our fractional owners have 84 flight hours a year at their disposal. That covers, for example, 21 two-hour return flights. When the plane is free and the booking is made at least 24 hours before the trip, we guarantee that the plane and the captain will be available for our fractional owners. You can always inquire about a plane even with the tightest of schedules. We can get you a private jet within an hour at the fastest. With us you never have to wonder whether there are any flights available.

From your local airport straight to your destination

Rarely is our passenger’s final destination a major airport in a big city. Often, both workplaces and freetime locations are beyond scheduled flight destinations. Our Diamond DA62 private jet is known as the SUV of the sky. The luxurious cabin offers the comfort of first class and at the same time we can fly you in any weather straight to airfields off the beaten track. We take you straight to your destination and back home again.

We look after your investment

We want to offer you the freedom to travel, but we also want to take good care of your investment. Our strategy and ROI are based on the long-term development of our company and common business flying operations. The operational reliability of our plane, affordable maintenance costs and exceptionally high resale value support our goals. Our new B-shares can be sold on at any time, but we reserve the right of first refusal at the point of sale.

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The world and back with one message

The most important thing in fractional ownership is the freedom it brings, and we want to make flying as easy as possible for our fractional owners. When you travel, all you need to know is where you want to fly and when. We take care of the rest. Our fractional owners have their own smartphone app for booking flights, but we are always available by phone. When you need a plane and an experienced captain, one message is all it takes. After that, your plane and your captain are waiting for you.

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Quality is always worth the price, useless never is

When we began our flight operations, we spent a lot of time figuring out what would be the most cost-efficient use of a private jet for our fractional owners. On a flight from Helsinki to Lapland, our Diamond DA62 uses about the same amount of fuel as a minibus. We plan our transfer flights, routes, and cruising speed carefully. It helps us to keep our cost structure significantly cheaper than is usual in private aviation. We think that quality is always worth the price, useless never is.

Fractional ownership: on your own plane, on your own schedule


Easy booking in your own way

When you know when you need to fly, book your plane and your captain with either one text message or via the app.


Take off from your local airport

You leave from the airport that is most convenient for you. We fly the plane there. Transfer flights do not reduce your flight hours.


Chauffeur to the airport

You can order a chauffeur to your hometown or your destination via our partners, and we can also book a hotel for you. You pay for everything with one flight invoice.


Take off in five minutes

We don’t keep you waiting. When you arrive at the airport, your plane and your captain are ready for take off in five minutes.


Straight to your connecting flight

If you continue your journey on a scheduled flight from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you can check in via us. We take you from your plane straight to your connecting flight in a luxury car.


In-flight service

You can also order catering for your flight via us, or you can bring your own snacks. The captain retains the right to deny disruptive drunken passengers from boarding the plane.


Stay in touch in the air

You can stay in touch with the ground during your flight via satellite phone. You can make calls as well as send text messages and email.


Safe no matter the weather

Our Diamond DA62 only needs 800 meters of runway. It can take off, fly, and land safely in any weather conditions.


We’re always here to help

We exist for our fractional owners. At your destination you can agree your departure time directly with your captain. If you need something else, we always answer your call.

You decide where you spend your time

A meeting in Oslo or a fishing trip on the river Teno? As a fractional owner, you won’t spend your time on long drives to the airport or waiting around. We leave according to your timetable meaning that the total traveling time is often significantly shorter than with scheduled flights. With us you decide what you do with your time.

If your destination has an airport, X-Flite will get you there. We only need 800 meters of runway. We can fly to well-known international airports, but more often than not we can take you directly from your local area to even the most remote small airfields. We can fly the Diamond DA62 to thousands of airports throughout Europe without refueling, and via our charter network to the rest of the world. What’s more, you don’t have to rush to your flight. Your captain and plane are at your service.

Call once, we’ll take care of the rest

At X-Flite, we help you to reach your destination on your own plane with greater ease. Get in touch and we will introduce you to our services and aircraft together.

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Near or far. We take you there, whenever it suits you

Our fractional ownership model provides our shareholders with the benefits of private aviation at affordable prices in the Baltic Sea area. When you have to fly further or you have a larger group  of people, we find the best charter planes on the market at the best price for you. Your  destination is up to you. We will help you.