Your VIP seat to
the Northern Lights

Northern Flights by X-Flite – Would you like to see the beauty of the Northern Lights from the air?

Get a front-row seat at the dance of the Northern Lights

Let us take you to the Lapland skies to see the beauty and magic of the Northern Lights from the air. With X-Flite, you can forget the overcast weather and enjoy the flamboyant magic of the skies from the comfort and warmth of our trustworthy Diamond DA62 plane. We take you up into the night sky from Kittilä Airport from Christmas 2023 to late March 2024.

The beauty of Lapland is crowned by the magical Northern Lights. Their dance around the dark skies of the northern polar cap begins when a stream of particles known as the solar wind crash into the Earth’s upper atmosphere at incredible speeds. What we see is the silent green, yellow, and red flickering that in our dreams, memories and stories is synonymous with Lapland itself.

The Northern Lights are our friends, but unfortunately, the weather is often not. We wait and we wait, but the clouds remain. We are well aware of this at X-Flite, and that’s why we want to take you above the clouds on our private plane to provide you with the perfect vacation experience. Welcome to Northern Flights by X-Flite, where you get to watch the miracle of the Northern Lights from the best seat in the house.

Above the clouds you see clearly

The Northern Lights are always amazing, but they are even more amazing when only you can see them. We take our plane up above 3000 meters, above the clouds, where the sky is clear. When the clouds block the view on the ground, you can still admire the Northern Lights through the large windows of your own plane.

The best front-row VIP seat

With X-Flite, the choice is always yours. You can book a single seat on our Northern Flights, or if you want, you can book the entire plane. Either way, you will enjoy the Northern Flight on an efficient and comfortable Diamond DA62 plane equipped with panorama windows. You will not find a better VIP seat for this display of nature.

From your accommodation to the plane and back

With X-Flite, you can forget everything and focus on enjoying the wonder of the Northern Lights. Our package always includes transportation from your accommodation direct to the plane and back again after the flight. Your driver is carefully selected because our guests only ever travel in the way we would travel ourselves.

What is included?

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From your door in an X-Flite ride
To us, the Northern Flights are not just a flight. We pick you up from your accommodation in a comfortable car driven by one of our carefully selected partners, and take you direct to the waiting plane at Kittilä airport.

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A professional guide always by your side
A local wilderness guide will be with you every step of the way during your experience. He knows the Northern Lights like the back of his hand because he was born and grew up beneath the Lapland skies. During your trip you will learn what the Northern Lights are where this colorful glowing in the sky comes from.

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Stories and mulled wine by the bonfire
Our ancestors have always told the best stories around the fire. That’s why we also go straight to the bonfire at the side of the runway at Kittilä airport. We meet the captain and sit on reindeer skins around the bonfire. We enjoy a hot mulled wine as our captain makes the final preparations for your flight.

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Amazing visibility in every direction
Our Diamond DA62 is perfectly suited for the Northern Fights. Thanks to its large panoramic windows we can offer our passengers an unobstructed view in every direction. We climb up above the clouds so we can see the Northern Lights even on a cloudy night.

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The best ride into the Lapland night
When the flight is over we take you back to your accommodation along with our guide. If you want to continue the evening with stories of the Northern Lights or simply continue elsewhere we can arrange transportation direct from the airport to other destinations. Come and enjoy a fantastic evening with us.
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Book your flight

You can reserve the best places in the from row directly with our booking calendar. If you have any questions about the flights, transportation or timetables, please feel free to contact us personally.

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Kittilä Airport, Finland
Let us take you to the Lapland skies to see the beauty and magic of the Northern Lights from the air. With X-Flite, you can forget the overcast weather and enjoy the flamboyant magic of…
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Northern Flights Q&A

Lapland’s sleepy polar night, the dance of the Northern Lights, and the clam of your own plane are a unique experience. On our flights, we want to make you as comfortable as possible so that you can focus on following the colorful harmony of the Finnish skies.

We have put together a list of the most important questions and answers for you. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Flights are operated under Diamond Sky Air Operator Certificate: AOC.EE-021

We fly the fuel-efficient Diamond DA62 piston-engine plane whose emissions per passenger are about a sixth of those of a passenger jet. We compensate for our emissions 110 percent with Reforest Finland. We collaborate with local tour operators so that our operations also benefit local companies.

We operate between December and March when the Northern Lights are at their most active, and we also follow the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s “Auroras and Space Weather” constantly. We climb up above the clouds so that, even on a cloudy night, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are good. However, we are dealing with a natural phenomenon, so unfortunately we cannot give a 100 percent guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights.

Our service can pick you up from your accommodation within roughly 50 km of Kittilä airport in the Kittilä and Ylläs areas. We always try to be flexible with our pick-ups. If you are staying further away, we ask you to contact us in good time so that we can organize your pick-up.

The plane is warm. A good rule of thumb is to dress for Lapland conditions so that you can comfortably stop for a hot drink by the bonfire and then move to the plane. We recommend that you wear clothes in which you feel comfortable.

The Northern Flights last about 30 minutes. The entire experience takes about 1.5 hours.

At X-Flite, we want to serve every guest in exactly the way they want, and this also applies to the Northern Flights. You can book single seats on the Northern Flights, and you can also book the entire plane for your use.

We try to ensure access to our plane for everyone. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee unobstructed entry to our plane as access to the Diamond DA62 cabin requires climbing some steps. We ask you to contact us personally beforehand if you have questions concerning your health and wellbeing on our flights.

The Northern Lights usually appear in the evening starting around 9 p.m. and lasting until after midnight. Our precise flight times are determined by the preceding Northern Lights forecasts.

To ensure your place on a Northern Flight at a time that suits you, we recommend that you book as early as possible. You can find free seats directly on our booking calendar. If the plane is fully booked on your desired date and time, please contact us. We do not make promises that we cannot keep, but we always try to arrange things for the best outcome.

All you need to know is when you want to fly and where you will be staying. We take care of the rest and look after you during your trip. If your accommodation is still undecided, you can always inform us of where you are staying and any changes later.

We take four people on every Northern Flight. The number of passengers is based on our own observations as well as positive feedback from our guests. With four passengers on board, we can offer everyone an unobstructed view through our large panoramic windows.

Everyone is welcome on our flights. We would like to remind you that there are no toilet facilities in our plane, so it is a good idea to visit the bathroom at the airport before the 1.5-hour experience. Welcome on board!

Absolutely! If there are other people on the flight who do not belong to your group, we ask that you take them into consideration when taking photographs and ask for their permission before publishing if they appear in the pictures. We would also like to remind our passengers that a photo is a great memento, but nothing beats looking at the Northern Lights through your own eyes.

You can share pictures from our flights and of our plane on social media. We ask that you request permission from other passengers on the flight before publishing any pictures. If you would like to join our exclusive group of guests on social media, you can tag your photos with our hashtags:


©Diamond Aircraft

X-Flite in the sky with the Diamond

Northern Flights by X-Flite is a full-service Northern Lights experience. We pick you up from your accommodation and take you to Kittilä airport and back. Your driver is a guide from our partner company who knows all the secrets of the Northern Lights and the Lapland skies.

Before the flight, we stop off at a bonfire by the side of the runway. We sit on reindeer skins, enjoy a glass of warm mulled wine and dive deeper into the world of the Northern Lights. We learn that the atmospheric phenomenon is often seen at the tops of mountains, and at the latitudes of Iceland, Northern Canada, Alaska, and Siberia.

Although, if you ask our experienced X-Flite pilots, they will tell you that nowhere are the Northern Lights more beautiful than in Finnish Lapland!

Luxurious interior

After this you climb safely into our Diamond DA62, known as the SUV of the sky thanks to its comfort and luxurious interior. During the 30-minute flight, we climb to a height of over three kilometers in the Diamond to watch the Northern Lights well above the clouds.

The plane’s luxurious seats and panoramic windows offer you a front-row VIP seat to watch the Northern Lights dance. The only thing that can make the experience better is the champagne we serve on the flight.

Northern Flights by X-Flite

Easy to book,
just as you like it

We start our Northern Flights in December on week 52, when the Northern Lights begin to be the most active and continue flying until mid March. We operate two to four flights from Kittilä airport three nights per week. To ensure the best views, we only take 2–4 passengers on each flight, so we recommend that you book the flights for your group as early as possible. X-Flite operates the Northern Flights together with our partner tour operators.

You can book your seat or the plane via the booking calendar on our website, email or phone directly via +358 102 006 440. We look forward to flying you up to the amazing world of the Northern Lights.


You can make a reservation directly through your travel agency or your tour operator.

You can also contact Mr. Joona.

Mr. Joona Koskela
+358 102 006 440

The price of the call is only the mobile phone (mpm) or local network charge (pvm).

Northern Flights by X-Flite​

From Christmas 2023 to late March 2024
1,390 Passenger (incl. 10% VAT)
  • We take a maximum of 4 passengers on the flight. You can book a seat for yourself and your loved ones (minimum reservation is two seats). The entire plane is always only for your group.
  • The package includes transportation from your accommodation to Kittilä airport and back to Ylläs and Levi areas. If you need transportation further afield, please call or email us.
  • Before the flight we offer our guests hot mulled wine by the bonfire and spoil them during the flight with champagne.
  • The flight lasts about 30 minutes and the entire experience including transportation lasts about 1.5 hours.
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